2022 Edition: Instagram Hashtag Guide

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Instagram hashtags are a powerful tool to increase your Instagram photo engagement in 2022. Instagram posts with at least 1 hashtag get 12.6% more engagement than posts without hashtags. So, if you want to expand your account, you need to develop a hashtag plan for your brand! A hashtag strategy is a hashtag plan for your brand.

This Instagram hashtag tutorial will teach you everything you need to know about leveraging hashtags to gain more Instagram followers, increase engagement, and establish a community around your brand.

What is the importance of Instagram hashtags?

instagram hashtagsSince 2010, Instagram has gone through a lot of changes, but one thing remains immutable: the importance of hashtags on Instagram.

Even in 2022, using hashtags that are relevant and targeted in posts and stories is one of the best ways to discover new audiences on Instagram and can lead to more engagement, followers, and customers for your business.

Instagram organizes and categorizes hashtags, images, and videos. If you have an Instagram public account and include a hashtag in your post, the post will appear on the hashtag page.

Hashtags are used by people to find information, so with the right hashtags, your target audience will see you, even if they’re not already connected to you.

Some points to note:

If someone with a private profile tags a post, the post is not made public on the hashtag page.

Hashtags can contain numbers. On the other hand, you cannot use spaces or special characters such as $ or %.

Hashtags can only be attached to your posts-it cannot be attached to other people’s photos or videos.

For 1 post, up to 30 hashtags can be used. For Instagram Stories, up to 10 hashtags can be used.

Types of Instagram hashtags

In order to establish an effective Instagram hashtag strategy, it is important to understand the different types of hashtags and their associated audiences.

Hashtags for the community

A community hashtag is a hashtag used to attract users who are interested in the same issue. It’s a great way to interact with others, increase the searchability of your posts, gather followers, and expand your community.

We suggest you use a variety of hashtags in your posts and stories so that your posts reach a wide audience. If you have a cooking account, for example, you can use #healthyeating to reach out to people looking for healthy recipes, or #coffee to reach out to coffee enthusiasts.

Branded hashtags

When you use Instagram in your business, brand hashtags are your own hashtags. It should be something basic, such as a company name, motto, product name, or campaign name. It may also be a hashtag that has nothing to do with the brand name but is related to the identity of the brand.

Community hashtags are intended to further spread your message. Brand hashtags, on the other hand, aim to connect you with the topic of your target audience. It can also be used to promote campaigns and to collect user generated hashtags.

Once you’ve created a hashtag, use it in your story and remind your customers that they can use it. As a result, your followers will be able to hit the hashtag and see other posts that link to your business. You can also follow the brand’s hashtag to always check for fresh shared material.

Campaign hashtags

While brand and community hashtags are permanent, campaign hashtags generally have a short lifespan and can only work for a few days, a season, or a year.

Campaign tags are generally associated with a specific campaign, such as a new product launch, a special event, or a partnership, so their duration is short. This is why they are good at generating large amounts of engagement in a short period of time.

Where can I find the best Instagram hashtag for your account?

Instagram hashtags, if used properly, can broaden your reach, engage more people, and help you gain more followers. However, in order to use hashtags effectively, you need to choose which hashtags to use and when.

The most popular hashtags on Instagram have been used millions of times, but just using #love, #happy, and #dog on an image will get a lot of “likes!” You may not be able to get a comment.

Instead of using the most popular hashtags on Instagram, look for and use hashtags that are smaller and have more industry-related readers. So how do you find these unique, creative, and community-based hashtags? The most effective way is to look at the Instagram hashtags that target groups, rivals, and industry leaders are currently using.

Research the audience.

Adding a hashtag at the end of an Instagram post will not increase your audience. Rather, find out what hashtags your target audience uses, and what hashtags correspond to the material you share.

The hashtag must be relevant and contain the keywords that the target audience is searching for.

Research competitors.

Seeing what a successful brand is doing in your network is a great way to get inspiration for important hashtags. Look for brands that have similar content, products, and target customers and carefully analyze their content strategies. By focusing on their top-performing posts, you can discover the hashtags your brand may use for future posts.

Discover relevant hashtags

Instagram lists similar hashtags, so you can check for trends related to your hashtags. Simply enter a hashtag in the app’s search bar (Instagram) and select “Tags” from the drop-down option. Then, all the top hashtags that are closely related to your hashtags are discovered, revealing new ways to reach, follow, and engage with the community. You can also look through posts that contain hashtags that you have already mastered.

Instagram hashtags need to be optimized.

Instagram hashtags are a great way to increase followers and interact with others, but best practices are constantly evolving. A good Instagram hashtag campaign can reach more people and also reach people who are ideal for your business. If you want to reach your target audience and increase engagement, optimizing Instagram hashtags is essential.

Examine the Instagram hashtag analysis.

By looking at the performance of the hashtags you used before, you can choose which hashtags you want to use again in the future. Instagram’s native analytics tools, though somewhat limited, provide such information.

Add a brand hashtag to your Instagram account.

You can now add clickable hashtags (and user names) to your Instagram bio, making it easier to create an Instagram bio that leads to website visits!

This feature is great because it makes your bio even more functional. Hashtags can be used for a variety of purposes, including promoting the Instagram community, highlighting branded content, and announcing Instagram initiatives. Just put a “#” in front of any phrase in your bio and it will turn into a clickable link that will direct visitors to that hashtag.

Fill in the blanks in the first comment with a hashtag.

Using hashtags in an article is one of the best ways to increase interaction and get your post in front of your target audience, but using too many hashtags in your headline can give a bad, if not spammy, impression. On the other hand, posting a hashtag in the first remark is a great way to make your post a leading role in the show without losing the interaction you get with the hashtag:)

Include hashtags into Instagram stories.

Did you know that you can add hashtags to your Instagram stories?

Including hashtags in your story is an excellent strategy to increase the likelihood that your material will be discovered by new visitors. If the hashtag is famous enough, users who search for it on Instagram will be able to see a collection of hashtags, including yours, on the search results page.

Each Instagram story can have up to 10 hashtags, including one clickable hashtag sticker. Keep the hashtag characters as small as possible. As it becomes harder to read, Instagram will no longer recognize it and your posts will be less likely to appear in hashtag searches.

Avoid using banned hashtags

The last piece of advice is not to use hashtags that are banned on Instagram posts. Instagram flags and blocks prohibited hashtags that violate community guidelines.

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