8 Ways to Start Instagram and Increase Your Followers, Even If You’re Not a Celebrity


How to start Instagram marketing and increase your followers?

As you know, celebrities have millions of Instagram followers. That you have to become a celebrity first in order to increase your followers may come up… But if you follow a few simple rules and learn from the best people, you can succeed on Instagram. There is also no need for large amounts of money for advertising. All you need is a few images and a strong desire to learn and succeed.

Before you begin

Instagram is not suitable for everyone. In the first place, you need to tell an interesting story using graphics and photos. Now you have a tool that allows you to create photos of any theme. But that doesn’t mean it’s a great way to tell a story.

So, before you start Instagram, you need to check if you can create and share at least 1 photo per day. Instagram is not something you can post anything like Twitter, but you need photos and videos that have a story nature. So, before you start, understand that you have a story you want to tell. We know how to do it on Instagram.

Profile setup:

Like any other social network, you need to ensure that you have easy access to your profile. Create a “public” profile, not a “private” profile.

It is important to choose a name that the user who searches for it will immediately recognize.

Use the right keywords and use them as Instagram hashtags.

You’ll also need to upload a well-known avatar.

From here we are ready to start

There is no need to say that you need beautiful photos. But that is not enough. Even though many Instagram accounts have beautiful images, some are popular, while others are hard to draw attention to. There is a reason for it. Those who run successful accounts should understand the rules and techniques of Instagram and should be able to see their followers and “likes!” It is because we understand how to collect comments. Here are some tips and tactics to make popular your Instagram page.

  1. Do research.

When we started using Instagram, many people used the hashtags they came up with when posting photos. However, some commonly used hashtags are unknown and may be more effective than the hashtags we use today. We need to find out the best hashtags.

In this way, users make a big difference in the categories of posts. You can also see that people use some hashtags in various combinations. Which choice is the best?

The answer is not to choose a hashtag with many mentions. In addition, these hashtags are often not specific enough. Of course, if you don’t want to use hashtags, you are less likely to be the hashtags that viewers are looking for. We need to prove what’s best for ourselves, but it’s very useful to investigate early why some things work better than others.

Once you find the hashtag that best suits you and your story, save it. You can also use programs such as “Hootsuite” or “Sprout social” to search for hashtags of interest. To find out quickly and easily, the Instagram app is enough.


  1. Remove some hashtags from the content.

We must use hashtags with caution. Unlike other social networks such as Twitter, Instagram can and must use a lot of hashtags. There is a limit of 30 pieces. However, if you have a lot of hashtags, the text in the photo will be too long and difficult to read. You can hide it from your followers by using some hashtags in the first comment of the photo. The more comments you have, the more they will go hide.


As a result, the hashtag will not overshadow the text of the image, and the person who searched for the hashtag will continue to find our image.

  1. Use Regram

In the early days, I guess I didn’t have enough content to publish regularly. Sure, if you look at Instagram, you can see what other people are doing. We may immediately give other people’s content to their profiles. We just need to regram your photos. In fact, it’s not that easy if you don’t want to take advantage of other programs.


Take a screenshot of the image you want to regram.

Take a screenshot of the image you want to regram, select it as the photo you want to post, and crop it so that only the image is visible.

Copy the text and make sure you specify the owner of the photo: “Credits @user:”

You can now use your photos with no problems.

Instead of posting images of others appropriately, please get permission from the owner first.

With the permission of content owners, it can also be an opportunity to meet other Instagram users.

  1. Cross posting on other social media platforms.

Are you new to Instagram but already have a lot of followers on other social media platforms? Then it is important to declare a new account in each of these. There is also a way to list it in the biography of other profiles, such as Twitter.

And after revealing a new Instagram account, you can remind people of that by cross-posting Instagram activities on other social networks. Facebook and Twitter can increase interaction by up to 23% by providing more diverse content.

I do not recommend sharing all your posts on other social media. Sharing nice photos on Facebook and Twitter allows some of your Facebook followers to do the same on Instagram and start forming a community.

  1. Program publications

Scheduling posts you’ve published in the past is important and useful, but Instagram is no exception. If you publish when there is no one around, fewer people will arrive. When you publish when nobody else is there, you compete with a bunch of photos that overwhelm the consumer’s feed all at once.

When is the best time to post? It depends on your industry, your followers, and the type of content you provide (professional or personal), so you’ll need to get it done. As a guide, it can be any time between Monday and Thursday, unless it is between 3 pm and 4 pm.

Creatively Smart is an apps that help you schedule posts. On Instagram, you can now save drafts as well.

  1. Increase the number of followers.

When you’re just posting, you need to get the first few followers. In order for our content to circulate, we must have a minimum audience. In order to increase Instagram followers, we have adopted a strategy familiar to us on Twitter.

Follow the profile of your field or specialty, and some people will follow each other. Following competitors’ followers and prescribers is a valid starting point.

By “liking” and “commenting” on other users’ content, we can increase the likelihood that they will follow us when they learn of our existence. To have a conversation by leaving a comment on someone else’s post.

  1. Tag others when it makes sense.

This is a familiar “advanced” strategy on Twitter, usually referring to the account mentioned in the blog or the account that contributed to the creation of the content. By mentioning such a profile, you can earn “retweets” and “likes”. Also, on Instagram, it is often appropriate to tag other people.

  1. Get traffic

Collecting access to a blog or website may seem difficult because you can’t put a clickable link in the text of a photo. So, what should I do? An excellent technique is to mention the post in the text and direct the user to visit our profile by clicking on the link. Experience has it that this is effective.

Another way is to embed a link in the body and tell the reader to copy-paste it. This method usually works, but it’s harder to track because clicks don’t appear in Analytics as coming from Instagram. In this situation, you need to deal with special campaign connections and other tracking mechanisms.

In order to know which method is the best for our situation, we need to test both. Some of these ideas may be useful if you are new to Instagram. Is there anything else you want to tell me? Please tell us about your experiences.


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