Considerations for creating an engaging Instagram feed


In this writing, we’ll show you the techniques to create an engaging Instagram feed that will increase your followers. In an efficient digital marketing plan, it is very important to develop an attractive Instagram feed that attracts more followers. Instagram is undeniably one of the most popular social media platforms for brand promotion. The feed is the face of the brand, representing the identity of the brand and taking up a significant part of the contact with the user.

Therefore, the creation of the feed requires extreme care and consideration.

In order to create a feed, a community manager must have the following qualities:

Before you get into an Instagram strategy to create a strong feed, it’s important to understand what information a community manager should have. Given the type of content that is published on Instagram, I suggest that your community manager be familiar with as below:


On Instagram, images and photos are the main characters. That’s why it’s important that the community manager responsible for the feed understands photography techniques, framing, lighting, and more. If you are in charge of the profile of fashion, you should be familiar with the lifestyle and clothing. If you are in charge of the profile of the food, you must be familiar with the style of cooking and be able to shoot delicious ingredients and dishes.


Creating feed material for Instagram often requires editing work, and it takes time. So, if your community manager is familiar with graphic design and photo editing software like photoshop, illustrator, Canva etc. she or he can reduce the time to create content. In addition, she or he can quickly capture ideas and make previous changes.

Artistic direction

In order to add a personal touch to your feed, the community manager who manages your Instagram account must be familiar with aesthetics and art. If you are in charge of the profile of fashion, you should be familiar with the lifestyle and clothing. If you are in charge of the profile of the food, you must be familiar with the style of cooking in order to shoot delicious dishes and dishes.

Tips and precautions for developing an Instagram feed

Instagram has grown into one of the most important advertising channels for brands and businesses. The feed is a central aspect of the profile on this platform, exposing the identity of the brand by representing the face of the brand to the user.

Similarly, unlike articles, all content posted on a feed is permanent and has no expiration date. That’s why there are a few key principles for creating a brand identity through your Instagram feed.

Choose a theme for your Instagram feed.

The first step in creating an Instagram feed is to define the areas of them and the brand that you want to cover. As you know, you can publish any type of content on Instagram, so each profile needs a consistent identity. Most of all, a brand is something that is known and remembered today by the public image on social media.

That’s why you need to determine whether your brand is about gastronomy, fitness, travel, or fashion. If you establish the basic concept, you can create materials such as videos and photos, and attach a description to each. Similarly, you can create varied content by choosing topics that apply to your field.

Determine the color scheme of your Instagram images.

The second important technique for creating a visually beautiful Instagram feed is to create a color palette. You might think this is limiting content production, but it actually brings valuable tidiness and aesthetic harmony. I think it’s great to see a profile that maintains a consistent look because there are so many photos on Instagram.

As a result, you can choose from a variety of colors and make graphic elements for your feed. We should not include it in one image, but when you look at the feed, you can change it to match the color palette you choose. For a brand, it is important to adopt the specific colors used in the logo or to help create a harmonious contrast.

Define an Instagram feed type

If you look at the Instagram brand accounts, you can see that each of them has a unique visual framework. We call this a “feed type.” A feed type is a way of creating a post to keep a specific style, like a tile, when you look at the feed.

Here you can decide the order of posts from the feed type. However, if you want to preserve the beauty of the look, it is better to squeeze it into one and not mix it.

By color

When uploading a photo or artwork, you can only match one or several colors that you specify. You can also create feeds in gradient or iridescent color order.


It is important that each line remains consistent. It can be a shape, a color, or a topic. To do that, you need to share three identical photos in a row.


It works just like the previous feed type because it creates columns of matching photos based on shape, color, or theme. Columns can be short or long and you can arrange them in order from the end of the feed.


For this, they liken the feed to a chessboard. In this framework, you need to include publications that are similar in shape, color, or theme.


This tries to generate the feed as a gigantic puzzle of publications. To achieve this, it is best to have a design that can follow the scheme of the publication since each photo must have something in common with the surrounding photos.


You can change photos and images by inserting the same or similar box with all the photos so that they all look the same when you look at the feed.

Note: According to your feed type selection, you can improve the appearance of your profile without limiting the possibility of publishing. As a result, although they design this mosaic structure to be seen as a whole, I always recommend that each photo be beautiful and cohesive when viewed alone.

Use high quality photos.

In particular, Instagram is the most visually appealing social network site. That’s why it’s important to be mindful of the quality of the images you post on your feed. Based on the theme of your profile, you can plan a photo session to shoot fantastic images.

It is this measurement that determines the sharpness of an image, and in an Instagram post, I recommend that it be 300 DPI with an image size of 1050px X1050px.

Take advantage of using apps for Instagram.

Another important technique for creating an orderly, visually appealing Instagram feed is to make use of other tools for content creation and scheduling. There are many editing tools to add a unique touch to your image. There are also programs that allow you to easily add text and effects. Here are four free programs that you can use to post your Instagram feed.


It is a free image editing software that can handle the content of smartphones. With a wealth of templates, including grids, collages, and movies, and community managers can use them. In addition, you can enhance your image by adding effects, editing faces and blemishes, and correcting color tones. Finally, you can download the content and share it on Instagram.


It is one of the most popular online software for producing timely, diverse, and high-quality content. This application has a wealth of templates that are tailored to each social media post format. Instagram allows you to create stories, posts, and short animations. You can also add text, stickers, effects, and other components to each publication to make it unique.


Instasize is an image editing software that allows you to save your photos to your Instagram account without cropping them. This is because in the Instagram feed you can include the background of the dimensions. Photos can be uploaded directly to the feed without creating a square cut. Also, on the iOS version, you can edit the video as “instasize video”.

9 Square app

If you choose to design a feed of the type of post information, this app is essential to keep your photos tidy. 9 Square is a free app that allows you to split photos and post them directly to your feed in the order you specify. As a result, you can divide the photo into squares with dimensions such as 3×1, 3×2, 3×3, and so on.

However, for content scheduling, it’s important for digital marketers because it’s easy to update their feeds. For example, you can use the Creatively Smart tool to schedule Instagram material, as well as other social media networks. You can do content creation, performance monitoring, etc, with this tool.

Define when to display photos, carousels, and videos.

Finally, in this list of suggestions for your Instagram feed, we suggest you scatter your content so that it doesn’t look stagnant and boring. It is possible to achieve this by sandwiching 1 video for up to 1 minute. You can alternate between single-photo publications and carousels or sliders with up to ten photographs and videos.

The ideal is to understand which format to choose for each type of content. For example, if you open an informational feed and want to show an idea, you can create a carousel post. By incorporating photos and infographics into it, you can condense the information to the user.


The Instagram feed is an important component of your brand’s profile. So, if you are a community manager, pay attention to this content and do some of these Instagram feed tips. Not only these tips but also the many tools offered by this social network allow you to create a very attractive feed.


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