How can social media help young people?


While there are certain risks to social media, it is important to recognize the benefits of it by giving children the guidance they need to make the most of it. The following shows how social media can benefit children and young people.

Collaborative learning

You can deepen your connection and understanding of the Earth.

Children can learn to recognize and respect different points of view and worldviews in order to better understand their surroundings and broaden their knowledge on a variety of issues. Educators share a lot of ideas on many platforms, so you can discover areas of interest and use them educationally.

Literacy in digital media

You can improve your communication skills and technical skills.

 As social media is now a part of everyday life, it is very important for children and teenagers to learn how to communicate online to prepare for future prospects in the workplace and to engage with friends and family.

Wellbeing and Mental Health

In order to build relationships, you need to get rid of restrictions.

Social networks remove barriers to getting to know individuals, keeping in touch, and building cross-border connections.

Develop strong interpersonal relationships.

Having access to family members who live thousands of miles away, or friends who have moved in from nearby neighborhoods helps maintain relationships, making it easier to stay in touch and share their lives.

Where to receive help

It may be an opportunity to reach out a helping hand to friends and family who are dealing with a particular situation. It can be a place for some young people to ask for help if they have a problem that they cannot consult with a close person.

The Campaign for Social Contribution

Social media can help young people raise awareness on certain topics that they want to influence in the real world and bring change where they want it.

Make a good fingerprint

Young people can also use their profile as a resume. You can communicate your accomplishments, show your talents, and build a positive online portfolio that will help you in the future.

5 Tips to Help Young People Make the Most of Social Media

Let’s set a good example.

Let’s model the behavior you want to show on social media.

Children and adolescents imitate their parents’ behavior, so it’s important to be a model of the values they want them to gain.

Promote common interests.

 Do better with your social media followings, such as advocating goals that are for others, sharing things that are supportive, or doing things that are positive for your digital footprint.

Give us the tools.

Let your children understand how to use your social media privacy settings and have control over who, when, and what you share with them.

Continue to engage in social activities.

To provide support at the right time, create opportunities to discuss with your children. You should take your children’s posts seriously, who they share them with, and how what they see on social feeds is affecting them.

Discuss balancing.

In relationships based only on the internet, we encourage you to build strong relationships in real life, outside of social media, so that you do not lose too much by relying on ratings and opinions from other people.

Cons of social media for young people

In-spite of having lots of benefits, there are some cons of using social media such as cyber bullying, losing touch with reality, giving in to social pressure etc.

Parents should take firm action if they notice their children:

If you notice your child, please let the parent respond firmly.

Sleep, eating, etc., are hindered in everyday life. It may be a sign that something is going wrong on the net.

Academic performance fell sharply. It is possible that something distracts you and are not studying.

You child use his or her smartphone at strange times, such as late at night and early in the morning. He or she may talk to other people who have dangerous personalities.

He or she has lost contact with and association with his or her previous peers. This may show that he or she is worried about being criticized by his or her friends no matter what she or he is doing online.

Spending has surged unexpectedly. She or he is buying too many products online or investing in a shady business that he or she should not be doing.

Last Words about Teenagers and Social Media

Using social media by teenagers is a double-edged sword. While there are many advantages, there are also many disadvantages. There are no clear rules about how much time a teenager should spend on social media.

So parents have to work harder than anything to give their child’s confidence. Parents can find out what their children are watching on social media by having an open mind and having a discussion.

It’s also not bad to set a time to use social media. We can do this not only on social media but also by taking time to play outside, watch TV, spend time with family, etc.


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