Instagram Ads Success Tips


Instagram has developed into one of the social networks chosen by millions of Internet users. It was a long-running process, a few steps ahead of famous digital platforms such as Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

As a result, it plays a very important role in the company’s marketing strategy. In fact, in 2019, 2 million companies used sponsored advertising on Instagram. In 2018, this social media earned about $6.8 billion in mobile advertising.

Here are some of the different ad formats for Instagram and some advice to consider.

Instagram Ads: Visual Content as a Competitive Advantage

In 2019, Instagram has 815 million active users, an annual increase of 25% (Source: statista). One of the main reasons Instagram is steadily driving other well-known social networks is that users can use images as a primary resource.

There has long been the phrase “seeing is believing,” but the designers of Instagram have turned it into a very accurate and profitable business idea.

Instagram Ad Formats and Recommendations

On Instagram, you can place different styles of advertising on your corporate profile. Below are some of its formats.

1. Stories

It is a short video that is available for 24 hours after users publish it. You can add images, videos, a series of photos and videos (carousels), emoticons, masks, stickers, emojis, and more to create a more glamorous and unique story.

Here are some points for effective story-based advertising.

Clarity and brevity. Write a short story with minimal information and a clear, concise message that promotes your brand in the most direct way possible.

Appeal to your creativity. If you want to position your business instantly, use innovative and unique messages to attract the attention of your followers.

Branding. Elements that define your brand, such as logos, you can include as part of your ad.

Approach. Ads need to be targeted for a specific purpose, such as loyalty or conversion.

Variety. When you create an ad that assumes various situations, its dynamic attracts the viewer’s heart.

2. Photo

Images are the main format of the Instagram application. It is the most visible element to the public who use Instagram.

Here are some points to make your photo advertising successful.

Image quality. Photos should be of high quality and high resolution. Do not forget that the thoughts of users distinguish your brand.

Branding. Use corporate color patterns that link to your business and are familiar to the people you want to attract. The emblems that symbolize your company are also effective.

Visual unit. Photos that you publish on Instagram must have some kind of connection, such as a theme, a color, or a time series.

The points to an objective. The image must provide clear and accurate statements that reinforce the goals of your organization.

3. Video

The feature of the video is that it combines video, motion, and audio into one medium. This allows users to better understand the message conveyed in advertising.

Here are the points of good video ads.

Videos with an aspect ratio of 1:1 (square) are good for posting because they are easy to watch on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

The duration of the video should be less than 1 minute. Many people immediately abandon it if the video is too long or the topic is not immediately heart-touching.

Engagement. A message that catches your attention appears in the first few seconds.

Brand image. Video is a special element of a comprehensive marketing strategy and must include branding that symbolizes the brand.

4. Carousel

In the sequence, you can swipe your finger across Instagram’s content to see more. Sequence ads can be very useful if you want to provide a lot of information about an item, like a video commercial, or if you want to showcase a different model or collection.

Carousel sequences are effective for conversions because they allow users to provide more valuable information without having to browse other sources.

The Benefits of Instagram Ads

Did you know that about 40% of people respond more to visual stimuli than to text? Videos and photos can have a stronger impact on users. It directly affects the improvement of “brand awareness,” which is a statistic that shows the position of a brand among consumers. Brand awareness is now one of the most important indicators in digital marketing.

Here are some of the biggest benefits you can get from using Instagram ads:

Increase web traffic to your page.

Instagram is a platform that makes it easy to raise your profile. Its simple interface allows you to insert links to your website, blog, or online shop. You can direct your audience to your page by including a website URL in your profile biography. You can watermark your photos, or adding additional information in the image footer.

Increase engagement.

Engagement means how much loyalty a follower has to a social network or a particular company. Considering the different business lines, Instagram has a higher average engagement. This is because of the frequently updated content (mainly photos), format, and presentation. In this situation, hashtags are very important. Hashtags build trends related to people’s interests.

Continuous improvement of the user experience.

Instagram continues to incorporate new features that allow users to access publications, building new navigation standards. Innovative features introduced by Instagram, such as the insertion of music into stories and introducing scannable tags, are already being used by many companies to increase the number of followers on their accounts.

Increase sales at a lower cost.

What makes Instagram superior to other social networks is that it’s easy to share photos. This is especially useful for business accounts that need a digital showcase to promote their goods or promote their services. The result is an attractive platform for potential buyers to learn about their products and discover their content. In addition, using photos from “free sources” to promote products and services can also help reduce costs.

Specific statistics.

Instagram Insight is a monitoring tool that allows you to record your ad response in a thorough and statistical manner. You can get a lot of data for each post, such as impressions, origins, and shares. This will give you a better understanding of current trends and concerns, as well as the effectiveness of hashtags.

Use online tools.

If you’ve got a low budget and you’re not a graphics designer, you can use Creatively Smart, Canva, or similar tools to use the built-in template for your Instagram ads. Creatively Smart allows you to schedule postings and monitor your dashboard too.

By incorporating Instagram ads as part of your online marketing strategy, you can attract new customers, increase customer loyalty, and get more potential customers to know you.


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