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Advice on Instagram marketing strategy

Instagram is now the social network that excites us the most, inspires us, and fascinates us. The diverse content we see every day shows that. At least 1 billion people enjoy uploading photos, images, and videos ( Source: Backlinko).

The reach of accounts and profiles on this social network is huge, with about 1 billion active users every day. To take advantage of the excellent showcase offered by this social network, which was born in 2010, here are 3 simple recommendations for use with your account.

Instagram: From sight, love is born.

The first impression of your profile is very important. Make your profile unique and appealing to yourself. First, let’s make your profile picture attractive. Then include useful information, such as a brief description of who you are and what you are doing, and use hashtags strategically to make it easier for others to find you. Also, use the URL in the Instagram description box of your profile. Finally, there are fascinating pictures in your timeline.

How many photos should I post?

Even if you post many photos in a day, the publication will not be successful. If you share multiple photos, it may break the interaction up, and you may not get the results you expect. That’s why it’s important to investigate when users are most active and publish only once per day.

Instagram has its own algorithm and focuses on 2 points.1. Relevance to the most connected profile or post; 2. Video playback, DM, and like! This is an Instagram interaction based on content.

Instagram Stories, Videos, and IGTV

Keep an active presence on Instagram Stories, take advantage of videos and live broadcasts, and post new content. 1 billion people upload things to their stories every day. You already have it! Take advantage of these suggestions and increase your profile. We will continue to provide more guidance and suggestions, so please stay tuned.

What do you think of Instagram?

However, this is changing, and it’s changing more than ever as the API can now code on other platforms as well. It is because of the famous story that the post does not instantly become famous, but there is a story.

In this article, we will show you some tips to make your Instagram more “professional”.

How do I set up my profile?

If you are a business or company, a public figure, or want to promote yourself as a professional in that field, we recommend setting up a profile as a page. This allows you not only to see statistics but also to list your contact information.

The user name should be the same as the one you use on all social networks.

Choosing a category wisely is important to increasing your followers and interacting with the right people and brands.

Your profile photo should be at least 110×110 pixels and not over 180×180 pixels in size. In profile, it contains links to your website and where you want your followers to see it.

In the description, provide everything you need in a timely manner, and use hashtags to identify you, emoticons to attract attention, and so on.

Featured stories are essential to highlight important issues and areas of focus, and they are also the best strategy for gaining valuable followers.

How do I post?

The number of posts may change depending on the number of followers, reach, and interactions, but we recommend posting at least once every day.

The image can be square or rectangular. But the square image is the most visually superior. The size is 1080px X 1080px.

It’s a good idea to keep a portrait image for your story.

It is also good to upload a video.

Use hashtags (from 15 to 30), mentions, emojis, and lists to add descriptions to each publication. The link is not effective because it appears as simple text and you can’t type it without copying and pasting.

Use your logo, color, frame, shape, and more to make your photos and Instagram accounts stand out and differentiate yourself from others. You can also use a third-party program to create unusual and exciting effects on your photos.

You can program your posts using a third-party program, but it is best to do so yourself in the spirit of Instagram.

What should I do with the story?

Ideally, you ought to publish your story every day, and we recommend you publish it many times in a day. We should use stories to show our daily lives and the specific circumstances of our lives.

You can upload a lot of stories to one post and publish them as a post, add them to “Featured Stories,” or save them to your smartphone.

You can choose from the text (with photos or no photos), live (broadcast), regular photos, boomerang (bouncing images), Super Zoom, rewind (rewind/back), and hands-free.

How do we interact with each other?

Check out the notifications and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Don’t forget the direct message.

Find people and brands that have the same interests as you, or that are talking about you. There are several ways to do this, such as “Search all, “Search by mention or hashtag, or “Search by location.

With these simple methods, we guarantee your Instagram account will get more attention and increase your reach and engagement.

How to make a successful Instagram video?

To operate your Instagram account effectively, you need to provide diverse, consistent, and unique content. Don’t forget that much of the content that attracts viewers is now video. Such content is allowed on Instagram. Before you start, it is important to check the situation in order to proceed with the work with professionalism. Here we have compiled 5 Instagram video strategies for you to succeed.

1. Objectives

Let’s clarify the purpose. Before you upload a video to Instagram, ask yourself the following questions: Answering this question will create a direction in the sentence, which will make it easier for the flow of ideas to become stable and fruitful.

2. Definition

Find out which type of video is right for you. It has to be consistent with what you’re doing on YouTube, and above all, to stand out, you have to be really creative. Sometimes it’s nice to try something new or publish unique content, but the basics are consistency and definition.

3. Appearance

Watch out for the looks of Instagram too. Instagram is a social networking site that focuses on high-quality, visually appealing content. We ought to post high-resolution photos in the right proportions without the graphic being broken. If you do not know how to solve it, ask a specialist for help. Even if you are not a professional, you may have an acquaintance who writes a professional-level article. Instead of uploading nothing, ask them to explain how to do it.

4. Specificity

Make Instagram-exclusive videos. If you really want to be active on social media, you need to focus on your global plans and upload unique content to each platform. For example, Instagram is the best platform to complement YouTube videos.

5. Label

Use hashtags well. Hashtags help people find you, so look for trends, research them, and try to include them in your work as long as they are relevant. However, try to do only what you need to do to get the effect. If too much, it may appear to be spam or be unnoticed by the viewer.

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