5 Best SEO Practices for Home Remodelers in 2022

5 Best SEO Practices for Home Remodelers in 2022 post thumbnail

SEO is critical for success in the era of hybrid business. Home remodelers that effectively implement long-term SEO have seen leads increase by more than 4X over time. However, few remodeling businesses understand how to maximize their SEO efforts. To help in this regard, the following breakdown looks at 5 best SEO practices for home remodelers in 2022. 

1. Have a Good User Experience (UX) Design for Your Home Remodeler Website

Many people mistakenly believe that a strong UX is all about having a website that looks good and is easy to navigate. While this is definitely important, there are countless other aspects to a strong UX that will make your remodeling website SEO friendly:

  • Does your website have the right features? For example, is there a place where visitors can look through your products and simulate what a project may look like?
  • Does your website elicit action? Are visitors enticed to click through to your product and service pages? Is there the right wordpress store software to help visitors locate your nearest vendor or sales professional?
  • Is your website intuitive for people who may not be immersed in the industry? Is it elegant and informative, yet predictable in its flow?

2. Create Epic Remodeling Content

Content creation is at the heart of SEO. If the internet is thought of as a giant library, the most relevant, professional, and authoritative content will be what the search engines provide to its users.

With this in mind, the home improvement industry is in a unique position to be able to leverage content to win searches. 

Studies show that home improvement spending increased by 3% as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This led to an increase in renovation and remodeling searches as homeowners explored projects for their properties, with some statistics showing home improvement searches doubling between 2020 and 2021.

Therefore, there is currently enormous demand for home remodeling content. Some of the best ways to ensure that your content shows up at the top of remodeling searches include:

  • Provide professional, error-free, authoritative content
  • Include relevant backlinks to respected sites
  • Break up large content blocks with related pictures
  • Get specific – there is no question too insignificant to be answered
  • Think like a customer – imagine what questions you may have as a first time homeowner and try to address them for your customers in your blog

3. Pick the Right Remodeling SEO Keywords

Keywords are critical to SEO success. Internet searches are simply users throwing out keywords and seeing which websites contain them. 

However, just because a keyword is popular doesn’t mean that it will help your website rank. For example, there are millions of searches for “remodelers” each day. With so much competition, it is highly unlikely that your page, no matter how well designed, will ever emerge from the muck.

Some key points to keep in mind when including keywords in your content include:

  • Target audience – what is your ideal customer searching for? What terms will they likely use?
  • Volume – there are numerous internet tools that will reveal how often a keyword is searched for
  • Keyword’s implied intent – try to choose keywords that indicate a customer is ready to start a conversation. “Local remodeler reviews” indicates that customers are likely looking for a remodeler, while “best window trim” may be more of an information search

4. Prioritize Local SEO Efforts

As a remodeler, it is critical that you boost your online presence within your community. Even if your business has branches across the nation, your SEO will be far more impactful if it is localized. 

One of the best ways to do this is to add geographic terms to your content and keywords. For example, “best roofing remodelers Denver” is better than “best roofing remodelers.”

Creating unique Google My Business listings for each of your branch locations can help your local SEO efforts. Be sure to keep contact information for each location current, provide pictures of your storefront or projects, and use reviews to gain traction within your community. 

5. Build Your Site to Beat Other Remodelers in Your Area

Finally, if local SEO is king, it is critical that you know the competition and do what it takes to beat other remodelers in your area. Explore their websites and determine their strengths and weaknesses. While search engines will rank your site based on hundreds of factors, you definitely want to be better than the competition in the following areas:

  • Security – https sites are better than http
  • The quality of your pages’ content
  • Mobile compatibility 
  • How quickly pages can load on your site
  • Backlinks and social signals that point back to your website

Invest in These 5 Best SEO Practices for Remodelers Today

Having a website that ranks high for SEO is critical for your remodeling business’ success. To this effect, having a strong UX with store locator software, creating epic remodeling content, picking the right keywords, prioritizing local SEO, and building your site to beat the local competition are 5 of the best SEO practices home remodelers can implement for success in 2022.


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