Some important metrics to track on Instagram


In recent years, Instagram has been in the limelight in social media marketing. The increase in the number of active users and the popularity of the platform has led marketers to invest in this channel.

Like any other marketing platforms, it is very important to measure the work done on Instagram. To work in this platform, you need both money and time, and it is important to assess how these efforts will pay off. As a result, when evaluating your work on Instagram, you need to consider several criteria. Today’s topic is the metrics that you need to track on Instagram.

Here are some metrics for tracking Instagram Success

instagram measurement metrics


The number of individuals who have viewed content is called its reach. On the other hand, “reach rate” is the number of individuals who saw your post divided by the number of followers. The term “reach” is always represented as a number, while reach rate is always shown in percentages. Also, the average reach rate per post is the average rate for all posts made over a period of time.

Number of followers

On Instagram, the number of followers is also an important criterion. However, when it comes to the number of followers, there are specific conditions that companies should take care of. The number of followers is very important in a way, but this number may not help your marketing efforts unless you reach these people organically.

Brands may sometimes buy fake followers to raise the number of their followers. On the other hand, increasing the number of followers with fake followers makes it extremely difficult to get real conversions. Even if you buy legitimate followers, they won’t be interested in your brand or posts. The result is a sharp drop in engagement rates.

To increase this number of followers, you need to make sure that you increase your followers as organically as possible by attracting people related to your brand to your account. As a result, you can manage your brand account more efficiently, and you can achieve significant results as a result.


Engagement rate is one of Instagram’s most important metrics. By measuring the interaction rate, you can determine the effect of your work. To determine your engagement, add a “like” to your post. I will rate people who press “I want to see you!” or leave a comment. To calculate the interaction rate, use the comments and likes for each post. Divide the total number of “interactions” by the number of followers. This will tell you what percentage of your followers are interested in your content.

The engagement rate may vary depending on what you post. As a result, you may be able to develop an Instagram strategy by analyzing how much interaction your posts have and deciding what material you should invest in.


The number of Instagram posts that contain an Instagram handle name as a tag or as a reference to a caption. You can’t see it in Native Insights right now. Tracking and monitoring social mentions are a great way to find customers talking about your company on social media, demonstrate great customer service, and manage your brand reputation. “Social Mention” occurs when your brand name appears in a post, comment, or story on another person’s social media. Find customers who are commenting about you on social media sites, communicate with them, show your great customer service, manage your social presence, and ultimately, you may be able to increase sales by tracking social mentions. It is not.

Story Views

With the advent of the Stories feature in recent months, Instagram has come to compete with Snapchat. With this feature, consumers are more active in story sharing, and businesses are more focused on stories with unique content. As a result, the number of views of stories began to emerge as an indicator to be tracked. In addition, the ability to build ads with the story feature allows marketers to approach target consumers through these stories. It’s a good idea for companies that share stories to know how much they’re seeing. You can also see how much your followers are interested in these tales from the number of views on this page.


The number of Instagram saves is a useful indicator that companies are monitoring. Users can collect posts in Instagram Saves and save them for later use by tapping the “Bookmark” button at the bottom right of Instagram posts. By measuring the number of posts saved in chronological order, you can know what stories are best saved and apply them to your future approach.


Share is the key to getting more people to see your content. To put it simply, “shared content” is a very easy-to-understand metric that describes how many times a post has been shared with other users through Instagram. This means that, by carefully checking what content is being shared with other people, you can better understand what is attracting your audience.

By understanding your audience’s motivation, you can customize your content strategy to take advantage of the big click opportunities. Jumping into analytics may be tempting, but by focusing on these Instagram metrics you should be tracking, you should be able to find new audiences and develop your community.


The number of DMs that arrive in the DM box is relevant to your story. Where can I see the exit, swipe away, back-and-forth tap, and reply? On Instagram, choose Insights, Stories, and Apply Filters.

Live Viewers

Live streaming is now one of the hottest Instagram fads. The only parameter to track is the number of live viewers. When someone participates in the broadcast, the viewing is recorded.

There will also be live viewers at any given time. Multiple accounts are watching your live stream at the same time. This number fluctuates as people join or leave your broadcast, but it may make sense to measure the number of live viewers at the start of your program, as it basically shows how much your followers are interested in your broadcast. If the first number is too low, increase the engagement rate (to attract followers’ attention), approach the live theme more carefully (that is, make life less boring and more memorable!

You can see the number of live viewers at the top left of the screen immediately after the live starts. When you finish broadcasting, Instagram will tell you the total number of live viewers who have seen any part of your video. Instagram Live currently lacks metrics, so I recommend you keep track and snap a number or screenshot immediately after your broadcast to see if more of your followers are interested in going live over time. Going live on Instagram is a great way to keep track of your followers and see if they are interested in going live over time.

Website visits

Instagram posts cannot directly generate traffic to the website, but they can redirect traffic to the website through referrals, link addresses in the about us section of your profile, and ads.

You can check the traffic from Instagram using Google Analytics. You can use this metric to see the effectiveness of your posts and ads. If the primary goal is to direct visitors to the website, then you should pay enough attention to this indicator. You may be able to attract followers by setting up an ad campaign in this way, especially since it makes it easier for commercials to direct traffic to your website.


When using Instagram as a marketing platform, you need to measure and track your results. The metrics you track in your social media dashboard should be in line with your purpose. If you focus on brand awareness, the metrics you track will differ significantly from those of other organizations that focus on sales. Once you’ve determined your metrics, keep track of them at least every month, even if they’re not regular, so you can change your plans accordingly.

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