What does a social media manager do?


A social media manager, also known as a community manager, can play a variety of roles within a company, from operational to strategic.

Because the continuous change of social networks often requires its diversity and the rapid adaptation of marketing to maintain relevance.

Below are some of the basic activities of social media experts.

Customer Service

Social media is at the forefront, even if it can’t handle your problems alone. There are other support options, but for many, it is often the first point of contact with the company.

Monitoring interactions is a significant part of a professional day, as you have to figure out the problem, act in the area responsible for solving it, and finally provide a solution.

If you delay Facebook’s response to direct messages, you may soon end up with a 1-star review and need more effort to resolve it.

Publications and posts.

You can use social networks and programming tools directly, but in reality, expose them. When and what to announce depends on the technology you use, but you need a schedule.

If you have a production team, it is ideal to adjust the schedule with that team so that professionals can separate different schedules just for work. That way, you can focus on making copies per network. In doing so, remember to value the “voice” of the company, not your own humor.

Creating Content

For social media professionals, the ability to create professional content is becoming increasingly important. There are some formats that are preferred by each network, such as video on Facebook, GIFs on Twitter, and stories on Instagram. This can also help you build connections with other businesses and may lead to future collaboration in joint marketing.


Today, the social network itself offers analytical tools that make life easier on social media. In addition, by using a specific UTM, Google Analytics can isolate the traffic generated by each network.

In daily ratings, you need to identify posts that worked or didn’t work, and in weekly or monthly ratings, you need to compare commitments for a similar period.

This survey is the basis for channel planning and strategy definition.

Strategy and preparation.

Developing a social media strategy and plan is not only necessary for a company to maintain a consistent position in its media, but also helps social media professionals organize their work.

As a result, not only do they maintain different strategies and plans for each social network, but they also need to be tailored to the company’s main goals on that social network, such as promoting the brand, serving as a channel for communicating with customers, creating a community of fans, generating leads, educating and selling through content delivery. There is.

In addition, you must design a content and publication management calendar to manage your publications and make them in line with your company’s objectives on social media.

What is the role of a social media manager?

The day-to-day work of a social media manager depends entirely on the size of the company you manage, your audience, and the social media platform you use.

A typical day for a social media manager involves the following tasks:

Investigate the brand’s target audience and their specific interests.

Create a content calendar and social media plan.

 Create infographics, memes, and funny visuals

Create videos or collaborate with video creators on social media.

Curating content from other relevant (non-conflicting) pages and websites.

It’s important to consistently maintain a clear brand voice across all social media platforms.

Reply to comments and messages, create a Messenger reply bot, and work with other pages

Update your brand’s profile page with the latest CTA, promotions, descriptions, and SEO.

Use keywords and hashtags to optimize posts and display them on platform search results and discovery pages.

 Analyze the engagement of each platform and report data to stakeholders in easy-to-understand graphs, charts, and spreadsheets.

Show the link between social media participation and sales and ROI.

including client data from other platforms, such as social media, email, and website traffic.

Create target audience segments for the right sponsored ads.

Manage and increase the effectiveness of your paid social media advertising budget.

Identifying and contacting influencers

Managing relationships with influencers

Thus, even just managing the social media profile of one brand on just one platform is more than a full-time job.

Integrate social media management tool

Choose the most effective community social media management tool. Creatively Smart will definitely have a significant impact on your business. Schedule postings, content creation, performance monitoring, etc. Use a tool to manage your social media presence and consumer relationships.


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